29 September, 2009

[Fwd: Secret U.S. Intelligence Detention Facility]

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al-Marsad al-Iraqi website - Secret U.S. intelligence detention, in south of

Former detainees released by the U.S. forces revealed that they spent about
a month in a secret detention facility south of Baghdad run by U.S.
intelligence. Their stories matched other detainees' held in another prison
in Balad, north of Baghdad, during the same period, last year.

A former detainee, who preferred to be identified as Abu Manal, who is a
Shiite from southern Baghdad, revealed the process of being transferred to
the above mentioned prison after U.S. forces captured him in a raid
operation on his home village last year on charges of belonging to Jaish
al-Mahdi (JAM).

He said: "In the beginning, us four were blindfolded and handcuffed; we were
transferred to a camp in al-A'dwaniya area, or Arab Jabour, inside a luxury
house that belonged to one of Saddam's men before he fled to Syria.

"The four of us plus others that were there, were crammed inside the pool of
the house before we were taken in armored vehicles to a nearby camp, where
we stayed for hours before we were all spread over Humvees.

"We were then taken on a route through my village, as I was able to
recognize it because of the guard in charge of watching me got busy flirting
with his colleague in the car, I realized we were heading towards Babil
province, south of Baghdad.

"I spent two weeks in a U.S. forces camp, which was formerly used for
transmitting an Iraqi television channel, before April 2003, in an area
called al-Mashroua'a or Mashroua'a al-Musayab, 40 kilometers south of

"I along with my friends were subjected to harsh rounds of interrogations,
with the use of various kinds of psychological and physical tortures. We
were thrown in low temperature cells in a severe situation, semi-naked,
except for undershorts, with cameras set up in one corner of the cell to
monitor our actions.

"Throughout this time, we were prevented from sleeping while lying down,
rather we were forced to sit cross-legged, and in any other position, we
would be subjected to severe punishments, including simulated drowning in
semi-frozen waters or severe beatings."

Abu Manal described the detention center as: "A closed hall divided into
three parts, of which the center part was the prison administration and
bathrooms, and along its two sides were sets of cells, each of which
consists of five partitions each one with five steel cells, which means 25
cells on each side, or 50 cells in each hall, where one inmate was to each

"The cells were like a metal box less than 2-meters in length, width and
height, with one installed bed that rises about ½ a meter from the ground.

"The cells did not include any furniture and the inmate served his time
without a mattress or blanket and under 0-Celsius temperature."

Abu Manal revealed the way he knew these details, was during interrogation
by an intelligence officer, as he (detainee) mastered the English language,
he stated: "A relationship with some kind of flexibility in dealing with me
as a prisoner was formed, he tried to win my heart through some of the
facilities provided for me, such as increasing the number of bathroom visits
and not to be bothered by the guards; I exploited these facilitations as I
started out of curiosity to get around inside the place, and just look

Ahmad al-Shimmery, 27 years-old, who was detained at a location in Balad,
north of Baghdad revealed to al-Hayat newspaper other types of torture he
and other detainees suffered, he said, "I was exposed to severe
psychological torture, where prisoners were put in a helicopter, blindfolded
and with tied hands and after their flight takes off, the door would open
and the translator would tell the detainee to watch himself die, and then
throw him to the ground for a surprise that he would fall on a large piece
of sponge and then the investigator would say, next time the sponge will not
be there."

Other forms of tortures told by al-Shimmery was that U.S. intelligence were
using dogs trained on boxing to torture the detainee, and noted that: "The
second method of torture used on me during the investigation was being
tortured by a dog trained to box, where the detainee is placed in a small
cell to fit one person only with a large size dog, who would burly and
forcefully punch the detainee with both hands, and if you try to resist the
prisoner would be bitten by the dog until he bleeds and then would go back
to a normal sitting position in his blood. This form of torture would
continue until the dog feels that his victim had surrendered, and then the
dog would go back to the door.

"The third way of torture was to strip the detainees naked and place them in
a steel chamber with freezing temperature, through the translator he would
be told that he will be thrown in the river, blindfolded and with hands
tied behind his back, and actually the detainee would be thrown into a deep
basin for a short period then he would be lifted and sent for

He reported on the use of unethical methods of tortures with women in the
prison, he said: "The female prisoners that were considered not cooperative,
they would be detained in quarries alone for several days without food or
water and then one of the prisoners would be forced to take food for them
while completely naked and the female detainee will be compelled to look at
the man's body, otherwise she will be exposed to tougher means of torture."

Al-Hayat newspaper, made an attempt to contact a senior official in the U.S.
military Corps in Iraq, who asked for anonymity, he was asked to respond to
the reality of the secret prisons in Balad and Mashroua'a al-Musayab, he
said: "This is a complex and political interrelated issue, we will not
comment on it now."



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